Revue FH

《Revue FH》是本联会每两星期出版一次的资讯性钟表业杂志。当中载有有关瑞士钟表工业联合会的工作及活动的文章、品牌及新产品的最新资讯,以及有关钟表业的不同专题文章。所有文章均以法文及英文刊登。

In the 5/2019 edition of 21.03.2019:

Naples: awareness-raising seminar for public prosecutors

At the end of February, the Head of the Legal Division and the Head of the Anti-Counterfeiting Department of the FH visited Naples. After meeting with the highest judicial authority in the region, they organised an awareness-raising seminar for the staff of the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Twin Beat

Over its 264 years of horological excellence, Vacheron Constantin has established an unshakeable reputation for meaningful innovation in technical and design domains. Today Vacheron Constantin presents the Traditionnelle Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar, a timepiece that can adapt to its wearer’s needs.

Europa Star: a journey through watch industry archives

Europa Star was founded in 1927 and was mainly dedicated to the international promotion of the watchmaking industry. Dozens of magazines, journals and guides published in several languages have been published and distributed worldwide. Representing a precious treasure trove, these archives are now open to the public.