Revue FH

《Revue FH》是本聯會每兩星期出版一次的資訊性鐘錶業雜誌。當中載有有關瑞士鐘錶工業聯合會的工作及活動的文章、品牌及新產品的最新資訊,以及有關鐘錶業的不同專題文章。所有文章均以法文及英文刊登。

In the 14/2017 edition of 14.09.2017:

Indian GST: a few details

Envisaged for many years, the tax reform introducing the Goods and Services Tax has finally been completed. This single tax came into force on July 1st, designed to replace a particularly cumbersome fiscal system notably stemming from the complexity of relations between the central state and the states of the Union.

Metalem: a brand-new building on the Rue du Midi

Active in dial-making for almost nine decades, Metalem supplies the major Swiss watch brands. It is proud of offering 100% Swiss made products developed in its various entities, including the brand-new factory on the Rue du Midi in Le Locle.

Tank de Cartier: powerful lines with a century-long appeal

Born in 1917, it would have have imagined becoming such an emblem, a powerful beauty conveying a blend of sensuality, elegance and character. The Tank today is more timeless and seductive than ever.